VDACS Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting System

Virginia’s Commercial Fertilizer Law requires distributors of regulated products (commercial fertilizers, specialty fertilizers, soil amendments, and horticultural growing media) to submit (i) statistical tonnage reports, (ii) inspection fee reports, and (iii) payment of inspection fees. Distributors are required to report to VDACS, the tons of regulated products sold to a non-licensee during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). Also required is submission of an inspection fee of $0.25/ton or $35.00, whichever is greater. If zero tons have been distributed during the fiscal year, submission of the report accompanied by the minimum inspection fee ($35.00) is still required.

Statistical tonnage data and payment of inspection fees can be submitted online using the Fertilizer Tonnage Reporting System. To submit online, simply click on “Create Account” for first time users or "Log In" if an account has already been created.

Distributors of these products may also submit their tonnage reports by mail and pay by check. For information on submitting your reports and payment by mail/check please email tonnage.report@vdacs.virginia.gov.